CIB Wheels

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Hardness: 98a
Size: 55mm

Street Wheels are made to ride all types of terrain without sacrificing speed or grip. Made for shredding. The wheels are smaller for faster acceleration, allowing you to pick up speed as you skate towards a rail, box or stair gap


Hardness: 98a
Size: 58mm

Park wheels are created for shredding all sorts of surfaces. If you’re the kind of skater who hops between the bowls, ramps and street course, these will serve your needs. Small and hard for quick pick-up speed. The smoothest ride. 

Sold in 4 packs.
Buy 2 sets to kit out a full roller skate!


Hardness: 101a
Size: 61mm

It’s no secret you want a hard wheel for skating parks and ramps, but when you’re taking your skating to new heights, you need a wheel that will increase your velocity.

Vertex Wheels will take your skating to new heights. Our tallest, hardest wheel is designed to maintain motion and achieve maximum speed to hit new vertical heights.