Interested in our training?  Check out what these rad skaters said about learning with us!


"I can't say enough good things about Stephanie as a coach/trainer. At the age of 47, and a non-athlete, I was terrified to start the Learn to Skate program. She created a safe learning environment for me, where I felt supported and encouraged to try new things but never made to feel embarrassed or discouraged when I came up against something really challenging and difficult.  Her insight into small changes I could make with each skill, led to my achieving more than I could have hoped for. I credit Stephanie with ensuring I didn't fall too far behind, and making certain I felt included and supported when I missed a few sessions. 

I would strongly recommend Stephanie as a coach or instructor, whether you're a beginning skater or a derby player looking to fine-tune specific skills. You'll have fun, and learn a lot!"

- Shirley Jollimore

"Coffin is the best learn-to-skate trainer I've ever had. With consistency and patience she can be depended on to teach and inspire your best skatey-self. She's always my first choice /go-to person for advice on technical skate related questions, and always has a helpful and encouraging response! Highly recommend."

- Rachel Sovka


"The experience of being in Low Contact/ 'Fresh Meat' is a daunting one. But after I met Coffin and began private classes with her, my career within roller derby has sky-rocketed. Through skate-park skating and technical training on footwork, I am now in a higher level of the league because of the immense confidence I have gained from training with Coffin. When I feel I cannot accomplish the trick/skill/action, Coffin consistently supports and encourages me to believe in myself, which allows me to perform in roller derby better than I ever have prior. Coffin is patient, passionate, knowledgeable and she makes each practice is fun."

- Kate Ross-Leal


"Although I have only been working with them for a few weeks, I have found the training and mentoring I have received from Steph and James to be super helpful and professional. They are both patient and knowledgeable and have helped me to increase my abilities as a skater much faster than I expected.
If you are looking for coaching I would definitely recommend them."

- Jennifer Krick

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